DNN 202: Who is Morbius

Who is Morbius? When is it going to come out. We record everything we know…before quarantine, but it should still be on schedule for March 21st, 2021. In the 616 comic universe, Michael Morbius was a scientist born in Greece who became a Nobel Prize winning biochemist. He suffered from a debilitating blood disease and…

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Ep 201 Dorkside Debrief 1/13/20

Ep 148 Resident Evil 1 (Biohazard) Done Quick

In this “Done Quick” we talk about Resident Evil. Want to know all about this game but don’t want to put 20 hours into playing it? Then listen here and be ready to be the expert tomorrow!

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Ep 138 Bruce and the Triforce (Zelda History Finale)

Ep 137 A Link to the Past, Literally! (Zelda History – Part 2)