Ep 201 Dorkside Debrief 1/13/20

The group gets together and discusses the latest news in January 2020!

  • Leaks from Sony came out in the form of Playstation 5’s new logo, which looks EXACTLY the same as the other 4.
  • Sony also announced it has no intention of attending E3 this year and will do their own show to officially announce the PS5.
  • For the first time ever, a movie was “patched”. Cats received a day 1 update to fix some CGI that was missed.
  • Ryan Reynolds confirmed Deadpool 3 is in the works, and at Marvel Studios no less!
  • In an unprecedented move, “New Mutants” is back and will be released April 3rd
  • In a somewhat heartwarming story (depends on how you view things) a teenager was saved while he had a seizure from his friend 5,000 miles away who heard him and called the police to come to his house.
  • Kenobi is coming, with Ewan McGregor!
  • Jared Leto is back…in Morbius?