Ep 141 Ladies Night!

  • The news no one was surprised by, Last of Us 2 was pushed back until May 29, 2020. We appreciate them polishing it, but next time, maybe don’t announce it?
  • Fatal Frame series producer Keisuke Kikuchi says he wants to make one for the Switch!
  • Norman Reedus STILL in talks for Boondock Saints 3!
  • Netflix teases the Umbrella Academy Season 2 and says it’s coming…soon…
  • A 5 issue special of Spiderman Noir is coming.
  • Nintendo’s father, Shigeru Miyamoto, was honored as this year’s Japanese Person of Cultural Merit
  • A sad day for Game of Thrones fans, the prequel with Naomi Watts is no longer moving forward.
  • Speaking of canceled things and Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are no longer doing the next Star Wars trilogy.
  • EA bites the Origin bullet. Could this be the end?


Tomb Raider history!

Core Design

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Crystal Dynamics Era

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