Ep 140 Harry Potter and the Remote Control

This week our topic is whether Harry Potter would have been better as a Game of Thrones quality TV show!  But first, the news!

  • Dwayne Johnson reveals that Black Adam starts production in July
  • Early screenings of Mulan did not go well, in fact, they’re reshooting many scenes.
  • Mandalorian gets it’s entire streaming schedule announced. There’s 8 episodes.
  • Jonah Hill no longer in the talks with the new Batman movie
  • On the same note, Paul Dano was just cast as the Riddler in Glitter Batman
  • Riot’s new projects announced, of which there are many.
    • Project A, a character-based tactical shooter, and the only one on this list not involving Runeterra.
    • Project F, a MMORPG based in Runeterra
    • Legends of Runeterra, the online card game
    • League and TFT head to mobile (and League is coming to consoles)
    • Arcane, Riot’s new animated series based on lore from League
  • AOC and Congress ask for Blizzard to reverse their decision from the Hearthstone fiasco
  • Twitch was banning people for 24 hours for saying “Free Hong Kong”
  • Ikumi Nakamura, everyone’s favorite E3 presenter, is working with Hideki Kamiya on… AN OKAMI SEQUEL!!!
  • Ant Man 3 is officially moving forward
  • John Cho injured his knee on the set of Cowboy Bebop and halted production for 7-9 months.

We finish by talking about Harry Potter as a television series!  What do you think? Who would you cast as each actor if they were to reboot the books as a series today?