Ep 139 The Rise and Fall of Blizzard

  • Kevin Feige now creates everything, Marvel. He was named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel which means he’s now in control of all things comics, movies, television, AND animation.
  • How would you feel about a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel?
  • Only Fornite (Epic Games) has the balls to pull down their server with no warning to signal an upcoming event, turns out Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming
  • Seems like inspiration comes from anywhere! The wildly popular Lore Olympus webtoon comic is getting an animated series, in a partnership with the Jim Henson Company!
  • What can’t NPH do? He can apparently be cast in Matrix 4!
  • Crunchyroll shares some of it’s 2019 stats.
  • SECRET LINK!!!!!!!!! The new shot of what Sonic looks like!!!
  • The writers of Stranger Things have a Twitter, where they talk about movies somehow related to season 4.
  • What could possibly be? The Bel-Air trailer looks amazing, even if it might not be real.

Blizzard talk.