Ep 134 – SNIKT The best at what he does

Why did they not show us (U.S.) the new Gotham City Sirens trailer? Gotham City Sirens trailer, in Romanian…

Let’s talk about NBA 2K20… NBA 2K what?

Do you call it the X button or the Cross button? Cross vs X

End of Batman/Superman #1, Could Shazam stab Superman with an Nth metal Batarang? Click Here to See!

Two guys kiss in a comic book – Deploy the police! (in Rio) (Wiccan and Hulkling)

Eevee Tamagotchis exist. Buy It Here!

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is out!!! Watch Here! EASTER EGG! Labyrinth baby is actually the puppet designer for Dark Crystal

Disenchantment Season 2 is coming out September 20th and Watchmen is October 20th

Stan Lee is getting his own street in the Bronx! Stan St?

Crunchyroll is now majority investor in Viz Media! Powers Combining!

Will Smith is Brilliance! Brilliance

Did America miss out on NeZha? This Looks Amazing!

Do I want the Lego Star Destroyer? Yes… Do I want to pay $700 for it? No. 4784 Pieces!

Last of Us Part 2 has a media event September 24th… more footage should be coming! Last of Us 2 Media Event

Project REsistance seems like it’s a Left 4 Dead/Asymmetrical Multiplayer survival game. Project REsistance Trailer

Disney allegedly threatens legal action to cancel a panel at FanX with Hayden and McDiarmed, is Hayden coming back?

Patents reveal possible new type of Joycon!

75% of streamers say they plan on subscribing to “none” of the new streaming services according to this poll.


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