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Ep 148 Resident Evil 1 (Biohazard) Done Quick

In this “Done Quick” we talk about Resident Evil. Want to know all about this game but don’t want...

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Ep 147 Would You Kindly?

‘Train To Busan’ sequel ‘Peninsula’ release date confirmed. August 12th, 2020 Trailers GALORE!Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer! – Summer 2020 Season 2 trailer for ‘The Boys’ – 2020 ‘The...

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Ep 146 The Guys Vs. Rotten Tomatoes (w/ Special Guest Dave from Back to the Classics)

Ep 145 Gifts, Gadgets, and Gizmos

New photos emerge from Rise of Skywalker and an official run-time! Elizabeth Banks blames the failure of Charlie’s Angel’s on “Captain Marvel and...

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Ep 144 How To Escape A Demon Who Eats Your Butt… And Other Urban Legends

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