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June 19th, 2019    

Ep 122: Final E3 Thoughts and “Normal” News

Square Enix wrap up: Marvel's Avengers, More Final Fantasy scenes + Tifa, Final Fantasy 8 remastered


Ubisoft wrap up: Watch Dog's Legion, Roller Champions, Gods and Monsters


Nintendo wrap up: Sequel to Breath of the Wild, Lugi's Mansion 3, Zelda Link's Awakening, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Astral Chain, Collection of Mana, Panzer Dragoon remake, and No More Heroes 3.


Star Trek movie could be in the works, directed by Tarantino and it would be rated R


John Boyega seems to be trashing Star Wars, he "likes" tweets that trash the last trilogy, has made several comments of his unhappiness in similarity to GoT actors saying they're unhappy with how the last season of GoT ended.


State of California is investigating Riot Games


Upside Down burger at Burger King and Baskin Robbins upside sundaes


Stranger Things, Fornite crossover on the way


Hercules live action might have been announced with Chris Pratt, Jeff Goldblum, and Ana Kendrick


Thinkgeek merges with Gamestop, which could lead to it's eventual shutdown


Jordan Peele wants to do live action Gargoyles


Bush's Baked Beans dog "Duke" dies from Cancer and Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Producer Patrick Munnik passes away.


Shokugeki no Soma gets 4th season


Funny click bait article from, are they click baiting way too hard? (Kevin Smith, Ashley Tisdale)


Suzanne Collins announces new prequel to Hunger Games (64 years before the events of the current books) and Lionsgate gets the movie.


Samuel L Jackson wants to come back to Star Wars


NASA finds Starfleet Insignia on Mars


Netflix has an Amazing Jonathan documentary


Definition of Kaiju... does Clifford count?


Comic Book Corner

Marvel Comics teases a Web in the shape of 4, what could it mean??? Now it’s a 3.

Bill & Ted comics, books, cartoons are all non-canon so won't be acknowledged in the movie

Birds of Prey Trailer - DCU done right? Unlikely alliance between Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoyo as they attempt to rescue Cassandra Cain

DC Movie release Date - Birds of Prey February 7th, 2020.  Wonder Woman 1984 June 5th, 2020, The Batman June 25th, 2021, The Suicide Squad on August 6th, 2021, Aquaman 2 on December 16th, 2022

Abrams is very close to signing on for Superman 2 or Green Lantern Corps


Meeple Mania

City Skylines is being turned into a cooperative board game in October.  All we know about it is that its going to be somewhat tetris-like as the group tries to overcome environment, environment, crime, and running out of money to achieve prosperity for the city.


New kickstarter by Petersen Games - Eternal Adversary 2-6 players, cool minis, upgrade your hero fighting for chaos or Order, possible for balanced 2 vs 3 play.



June 11th, 2019    

Episode 121: The Mostly Complete E3 Wrap-Up

Microsoft announced the next Xbox console, Project Scarlett, It will be on sale towards the end of 2020, and forms one half of Microsoft’s video game strategy – the other half being a cloud-powered service that lets you play Xbox games anywhere, on any screen. 

Halo Infinite will be a Project Scarlett launch game – but will also be playable on Xbox One.

At a Final Fantasy-themed concert, Final Fantasy VII Remake, will be out on 3 March 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most-anticipated games going into this year’s. CD Projekt Red used Keanu Reeves to promote it at Microsoft’s Xbox press conference. The game is out on 16 April 2020 and Reeves plays a prominent character.

Gears of War 5 also got a release date, 10 September 2019, alongside a mildly distressing new trailer showing protagonist Kait struggling to keep hold of her sanity.

Speaking of Microsoft’s Xbox press conference, the company showed around 60 games in the course of 90 minutes. Among the most interesting-looking were Bleeding Edge, a competitive brawler from multi-Bafta-winning developer Ninja Theory 

Wasteland 3, a post-apocalyptic strategy role-playing game with a wicked sense of humour

Microsoft Flight Simulator, an eerily realistic return to PC gaming roots

A new Blair Witch horror game

Spiritfarer, described as “a cosy management game about dying”

Twelve Minutes from Annapurna Interactive, a thriller in which you get stuck in an infinite time loop after a romantic evening goes wrong

Way to the Woods, a game about magic deer set in a post-human world. Microsoft has also acquired Double Fine, a San Francisco studio known for its quirky adventures.

Elden Ring, the fantasy game written by George R.R. Martin

Bethesda also announced two games: Deathloop (think Groundhog Day but action-themed) from the makers of Dishonored at Arkane 

Ghostwire: Tokyo, an intriguing Japanese horror adventure. And Ikumi Nakamura is the most precious thing in the universe. 

Doom Eternal, the publisher’s big release this year, will be out on 22 November. In which they showed off a new multiplayer mode titled "BattleMode" 2v1 style combat

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' makers reveal they're doing a show about video game developers titled Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet

Ubisoft drops it's first trailer for the conference and it's a whopper, Gods and Monsters is a Breath of the Wild-like game created by the makers of Assassin's Creed...Odyssey.

The Division 2 is headed back to New York, going on a hunt.

The Division is getting a live action movie

Watch Dogs: Legion is a game where you an NPC?

Final Fantasy VIII remastered, on EVERY platform (except you Stadia...)

Marvel's Avengers could be the game we were waiting for.

James pees his pants as they show Tifa in Final Fantasy VII

Microsoft brought out Keanu, Bethesda brought out Ikumi Nakamura, and Ubisoft brought a dog and Jon Bernthal. Who won? 

June 5th, 2019    

Ep 120: Is BrightBurn Crap?

Gaming Disorder officially recognized by the World Health Organization. 

Overwatch League's founding commissioner Nate Nanzer, left Blizzard, for Epic. 

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, will it be good? 

Did James like Brightburn? 

Inuyasha is coming to Blu-ray for the first time, but only the first 27 episodes. 

Fun Fact: The John Wick body count... 1 dog for 299 lives. 

Solo, do we really want a sequel? Fans are sure clamoring. 

Taika Waititi's Akira confirmed for 2021 release. 

Sonic's release date pushed back to fix, well, Sonic. 

Did you sign the petition for Danny DeVito to become Wolverine? 

Playdate developed by Panic is a handheld "GameBoy" with a… Hand Crank? 

Netflix has good shows coming June, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Black Mirror Season 5, and Magic Mike! 

What's going on with Dauntless?

Reigns: Game of Thrones. An extremely fun text based card game, now set in the Game of Thrones universe. 

Ouya is officially dead. R.I.P. You most likely won't be missed... 

Telltale games are disappearing from digital stores, get them now before they are gone forever (maybe). 

There's a Snacks and Sweets Expo… why aren't we there yet? 

Reviews of Cloak and Dagger, No Man's Sky, Dauntless, Mortal Kombat 11, and Hearthstone.


Comic Book Corner:

Marvel Editor in Chief teases more permanent comic book deaths. What does this mean?

New DC Black label (the label where they showed what's under Batman's utility belt, if you catch my drift) comic is coming, it's 9 issues and called Joker/Harley:CriminalSanity

Captain Marvel originally had comic book accurate Kree Supreme Intelligence (yes, the blobby thing)

Marvel is reportedly targeting Keanu Reeves to star in The Eternals


Meeple Mania:

Blockbuster the game available at Target! Who cares how it plays we just need it!

Metal Gear Solid Day 1 nearing release, and it better have a damn Metal Gear in it.

So Long, My World: a very weird, but interesting psychological/horror card based, economy game.

May 30th, 2019    

Interview - William Dickstein: Writer of Ch05en

We talk with Comic Book writer William Dickstein about how a writer gets started, superheroes and the works he's written including the most important one, "Ch05en". What does it take to become king of the "Dystopian Suphero" genre? Did you know that was even a thing?

Come listen as we discuss how a "new" way to get superpowers could spawn an entire universe of lore.

Also, we got it first here, go buy the book here:

May 30th, 2019    

Episode 119: RIP Meme Legend

Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat passed away this week

Japan wants to make English speakers put Family name first, is that an issue?

Someone drop kicked Arnold…why? Why would you do that?

Streaming News:
Playstation Productions was just formed to make to film and TV series for popular Franchise games, such as Twisted Metal and Last of Us

Disney+ is producing a muppet show that's…unscripted variety?

Falcon/Winter Soldier is going to have Baron Zemo and Sharon Carter in it.

Movie Madness:
Mortal Kombat reboot receives a 2021 release date, its being filmed in Australia, pre-production began this month.

Avengers: Endgame passes Avatar to become the highest cinema release, exceeding 2.7 billion worldwide.

Glitter Batman's (Robert Pattinson's Batman) villains reportedly the Penguin and Catwoman

Tom and Jerry is going to get made as a hybrid Live Action/CGI movie and they've already cast Michael Pena

World of Wacraft's Classic mode hits beta, it's widely received. However, some people are reporting bugs that, aren't bugs.

No Man's Sky is good again! What does it mean now?

The Sims 4 is free right now! You can apparently download a mod to square up with a toddler

Riot Games is working with Tencent to "port" League of Legends to mobile

ComicBook Corner:

Issue one of Superman: Year One will come out in June explores a coming of age story for Superman in his teenage years.

The x-men mini-series House of X and Powers of X have a few more details being released, House of X will be about a pivotal month for movies, and Powers of X will be about the history of mutants, with each issue being synchronized to give details about the other. These two mini-series, which replace the entire x-men line of comics, begin in July

Ghost-Spider (formerly Spidergwen) will be relaunched and spending much more time in Earth-616. She will be attending Empire State University in the main Marvel universe. Why?

Red Hood: Outlaw #37 teases joining Lex Luther as part of DC's summer event "Year of the Villain", August 28th

In August Starro (Jarro as named by Batman, his latest Robin) takes control of the Justice League to try and figure out if they are ready to take on Lex Luther's Legion of Doom (this is all part of the Year of the Villain)

Meeple Mania:

Sushi Go has been remade into Sushi Roll, finally we can both play a game about making sushi and enjoy puns at the same time.

May 23rd, 2019    

Interview 8 - Brittany J. Butta

We talk with the awesome fashion expert Brittany about things we don't know...and some we do.

May 23rd, 2019    

Ep 118: Emperor’s Right Hand

Special Guest, the Emperor's Right Hand, Mal.


Disney now has full control of Hulu. The Infinity Gauntlet is complete.


Detective Pikachu, kinda spoiler-free review


Final Fantasy 7, we were right! Kinda...


Rick and Morty season 4 announced.


All That is returning, first guests are the Jonas Brothers


Bioshock sequel could most likely be coming by no later than May 2020


New Adult Swim series coming called Primal, by Gendy Tartovsky


House of X and Powers of X mark then end of this X-Men comics... which will then be relaunched.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite has a new trailer, which could signal its release is imminent.


Honey, I Shrunk The Kids reboot is coming starring Josh Gad


Star Wars trilogy is to be written by the writers of Game of Thrones. Could this be good or bad?


Michael Rooker might be King Shark in Suicide Squad and Benicio Del Toro might be a villain


Snowpiercer the TV show jumps from TNT to TBS and when was there a TV show?


Reroll is a D&D app coming soon that lets you make a 16-bit avatar of your character.


Mortal Kombat to start filming in South Australia, and it might be directed by James Wan


Jemaine Clement has been cast for the Avatar sequels


Evil Dead to continue without Bruce Campbell…what is Evil Dead without Ash?


E3 to have Netflix, to make some video game announcements.


Gloomhaven to have a digital adaptation, coming to Steam Early Access for Summer.


Thrall is back! Safe Haven trailer showed some, I don't even know what…but he's back!


There were three Snaps in Endgame…each snap released a large amount of Gamma radiation, is this how we get our mutants?


PS4 is getting EA Access and…who cares…it's too late.






May 10th, 2019    

Ep 117: Disney Gives us a Taste…

The new Spiderman trailer is out and was spoiler heavy. Is Mysterio curve balling us?

The new Disney schedule was announced and has some crazy things on it.
Disney announces that Marvel Studios will announce its own list of Phase 4 releases "AFTER" Spiderman homecoming, just like they've already done.

Bob's Burgers is getting a movie?!

Is Dwayne Johnson the most used actor of our generation?

Jessica Jones final season in its way. This is the last show in the Netflix "Defenders" shows that survived

Blizzard REQUIRES you to have a cell phone to attend Blizzcon. Another oopsie?

The fabled Starbucks cup in GOT caused waves

Beta Ray Bill set to appear in Guardians 3

Bioware shifts to Dragonage 4 leaving Anthem behind

Final Fantasy 7 might have some news announced at the time of publishing. The STATE OF PLAY is set to air Thursday 3 PM PST (Spoiler, news WAS released)

Fox's Gambit officially canceled.

Doctor Strange 2 to have Brother Voodoo and Clea

Batwoman was ordered by CW and the promo teaser actually looks pretty good reported that Nova is in production.

Comic Book Corner:

Lion Forge and Oni Press merge together to try and compete with Marvel.

Marvel Comics #1000. Marvel's 80th anniversary issue is putting together this anthology of amazing writers and artists like Taboo from Black Eyed Peas and Jeffrey Veregge, Joe Hill/Mike Allred, Alex Ross, Erik Larsen, and many more.

Meeple Mania:

Kickstarter is 10?!

Bloodborne the Board Game funded. Currently at 2 million+

Devil May Cry, the bloody palace launches on kickstarter May 15th. It will be a competitive scoring system where each hunter tries to gain the most points going through waves of monsters. The miniatures look beautiful.

Eschaton the deck building game has the best Kickstarter page I've seen

The Shame of Life looks like a hilarious party game

Drinks with Frenemies also a good romp. Talked with creator and he's super excited about his game. should we be on it?

May 10th, 2019    

Endgame SpoilerCast: On Your Left

Didn't get time to watch Avengers: Endgame?

Want to relive the movie through only audio?

Then here's your dream come true! We talk about the Endgame and our favorite parts of it.

May 3rd, 2019    

Ep 116: Why we’re terrified of Sonic’s Teeth!

Earthworm Jim is coming back.

Sonic trailer drop... what?

Marvel is developing Ghost Rider and Hellstrom for Hulu

Movie adaptation for Saints Row is coming
• Directed by Gary Gray, director of Straight outta compton and The Fate of the Furious
• He's also directing Echo (not the dolphin, this game:

Noah Centineo is the new He-Man

Fantastic Beasts 3, November 12, 2021

Twilight Zone already renewed.


MK11, What happened?

Willow sequel in serious talks for Disney+

Django Unchained is getting a director's cut.

Borderlands 3. Yup.

Anduin Wrynn in HOTS

Big Bang Theory. Last episode filmed.

P5 is going all out. Royal is coming. Scramble is coming. Dancing game already out.

Disney is trying to get its last Infinity Stone by buying Hulu


Comic Book News

• Free Comic Book Day, May 4th will have special Avengers comic this year, also Stranger Things, CW Rivendale, which will be a comic book based on a show based on a comic book
• Savage Avengers #1 is out!

Board Game news
• Cthulhu Wars: The Daemon Sultan, over 400% funded, a good way to get into the game by buying older productions -

• Dice Tactics, Indy developer, cool guys, like D&D dice + choose your own adventure style RPG combined with games like ogre battle. If you like indy games, check out their kickstarter coming soon -



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