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Ep 145 Gifts, Gadgets, and Gizmos

New photos emerge from Rise of Skywalker and an official run-time! Elizabeth Banks blames the failure of Charlie’s Angel’s on “Captain Marvel and...

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Ep 144 How To Escape A Demon Who Eats Your Butt… And Other Urban Legends

Ep 143 Superheroes Unmasked, Heroes and Their (Un)Necessary Secret Identities

Blizzcon announcements! Was it enough?The Apology Diablo IV and the return of the Druid (and Lilith) Overwatch 2, with a tearjerker...

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Ep 142 – Swiping Right on the new Tombraider games?

HBO Max is trying to fight in the streaming market. They announced that they’ll have the following EXCLUSIVES:They now...

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Ep 141 Ladies Night!

The news no one was surprised by, Last of Us 2 was pushed back until May 29, 2020. We...

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Ep 140 Harry Potter and the Remote Control

This week our topic is whether Harry Potter would have been better as a Game of Thrones quality TV...

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Ep 139 The Rise and Fall of Blizzard

Kevin Feige now creates everything, Marvel. He was named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel which means he’s now in control of...

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Ep 138 Bruce and the Triforce (Zelda History Finale)