Ep 111: The Pop Culture Call of Cthulu…

The Pop Culture Call of Cthulu... You're Being Summoned



Google unveiled their new console, "Stadia", with a whopping 10.9 Teraflops... that's a lot of flops. Cloud gaming could be be the next thing!


Out of left field it seems Snapchat is adding a gaming platform to their... well, platform. Project Cognac to be announced.


PAX East is this weekend, with it several games announcements are to be expected. James with me "Live-Facebooking" any news dropped. EDIT: It's next weekend. James will still be Facebooking it though.


What is Cadence of Hyrule and why is it important?


Octane races on to Apex Legends. The speed demon is sure to cause quite a stir.


Cuphead. On Switch.


The official Stranger Things trailer dropped... and we have absolutely no idea what's going on.


Movie Pass and it's competitors, what seems like the best bang for your buck?


Scientists say they might have figured out who Jack the Ripper was.


James Gunn is back!


Alita: Battle Angel and Dragons 3 review.


Sparklite. James needs it.


Deadpool inserted himself into the Endgame trailer because of course he did.


The Fox/Disney merger is officially complete. Disney just needs Amazon and Google to control the Infinity Gauntlet.


Epic snags some more games for the store, including the Quantic Dreams library!


The Red Lantern, voiced by Ashly Burch, coming soon. (Confirmed by Tiny Tina)


In a surprising turn of events, Oddworld is coming back with the new game Oddworld: Soulstorm


Rainbow Six Siege adds a new punishment for griefers, the "stop hitting yourself" punishment.


MADNESS: Lovecraft in Pop Culture

Rich explains the Lovecraft Standard and we tell you where to consume it. Then we all tell you where to watch, listen, or play Lovecraft inspired things.

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