Ep 106: F*ck it, Start Over

This might be an ongoing segment, we're talking about the movies Hollywood decides to repackage and re-sell to us.  Some of these might be new to you that they're being redone, others we hope they're being redone, and we discuss both who they actually cast (if its announced) as well as who they SHOULD have cast, if they had asked us.


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Pet Semetary

The Crow

American Werewolf in London

Drop Dead Fred

Starship Troopers

The Neverending Story

Creature from the Black Lagoon


Little Shop of Horrors


Short Circuit

Weird Science

The Toxic Avenger

Van Helsing

Battle Royale


Nightmare on Elm Street

The Craft

Big Trouble Little China

The Blob



Groundhog Day...VR?

Child's Play


Movies we want:




Final Fantasy VII

Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening

Beyond Good and Evil


Games we would want:

Legacy of Kain

Parasite Eve


Destroy All Humans


Would you rather results: Shaggy won just bit a little bit

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