Ep 135: Streamers vs The Anti-Boob Police (and weird food!)

 Death, Is there an App for that?  Countdown?

The Russo Brothers form their own Studio, AGBO, throw some shade on Sony's ability to recreate Feige's magic

Paul Rudd's role in the ghostbusters movie? It's described by Dan Akroyd here

Comic Book News

Lois Lane becomes a White House Press secretary, too real?

Twitch streamer banned for... cosplaying? Quqco Banned?

Seinfeld fans rejoice! The old episodes are coming back to Netflix! In 4k! The Show About Nothing

Batwoman and her love that might be worth saving. See the trailer here! Batwoman Trailer

Seeing the Jojo Rabbit trailer again just makes me want to see it more, check it out. Jojo Rabbit trailer

Margot Robbie is... Tank...Girl?

Ms. Monopoly is real... Yeah. Buy It Here!

Final Fantasy VII has a "Classic" option. Traditional Turn Based Returns! Also... the new trailer is unbelievably gorgeous. And by the new trailer, I mean Aerith.

Borderlands 3. The Good. The Bad. The Guns?

Castle Crashers Remastered is hitting PS4 and Switch soon! Castle Crashers Remastered

Let's talk about the courage it takes to eat the unknown!

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