Ep 133 - Glitter Batman is Better with David Rosen

Everyone is talking about The Joker, what does it mean for superhero movies?

Carnival Row is out!  Watch it on Amazon.  It's only been a few days so we'll avoid spoilers

A reminder, The Witcher is coming soon!  Some time in Q4

Netflix is starting to release some shows weekly again instead of binging - The Great British Baking Show (Collection 7).  Is this the beginning? Would we put up with it?

Hulk becomes "The Breaker of Worlds" after the heat death of the universe- What the hell is going on with the Immortal Hulk

DC reveals how The Batman Who Laughs takes out the Justice League, and it's rated crazy

Berlanti Arrowverse shows are coming to audio format, starting with the Flash, by Serial Box.  Arrow and Supergirl are next

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's first paid DLC teased, Curse of the Vampire!  Next up is the X-men and the Fantastic Four.

Dave Bautista FINALLY gets his wish and he's now going to be a playable character in Gears 5, but the name bothers James, why? BAuTISTA

Final Fantasy VIII remastered is out now! Is it worth it? FFVII Remastered

Playstation Plus games this month are Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3 a decidedly huge jump from the last two months free game selection.

James and Rich's review of Wu Assassins and The Boys.

We did confirm that even though Disney+ will be on Hulu, there will be no commercials and not even an option to have to pay for commercial-free. No commercials for Disney! Woot!


To listen to David Rosen's music, check out his music here.

Thoughts on video game composing?

Favorite composer that's not John Williams?

Would Paul Rudd be a good composer?

What would you like to do as your dream project?

What's a day in the life at work like? 

What would you have liked to have been on?

Can a good movie or game be ruined by a bad soundtrack?

What would your top 5 songs be to the soundtrack of David Rosen

What's YOUR podcast about and where can we listen to it?


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