Ep: 132 Rhythm and Blues with Aggrogahu

  • Sony and Disney may have come to a new deal! What could it be? Spider-man Deal
  • Sony took a step in a huge direction in games however with its purchase of fan-beloved Insomniac studios. Insomniac
  • Emma Stone revealed her Cruella De Vil look for the upcoming movie "Cruella". The Cruel Devil
  • In what could be the craziest news this month, Lindsey Stirling just announced a new cd on the verge of release called "Artemis", but that's not all, it also has a partner comic book that she also wrote! Artemis CD AND Comic?!
  • Eva Longoria is set to direct... "Flamin' Hot"... which is about... Cheetos? Richard Montanez's Cheetos
  • Taika Waititi might join... THE SUICIDE SQUAD?! Taika!
  • Disney just wants your business... They are not charging for 4K HDR for Disney+ 4K Goodness
  • Could New Mutants have been good? Will we ever know? Positive Test Screenings
  • Two Thors confirmed! Two Thors
  • What was this Star Wars trailer?! Sith Rey?! Sith Rey
  • Newest Marvel calendar: The Confirmed Calendar
  • The absolute most hardest difficult impossible to beat games are being remastered and were accidentally leaked. Aladdin and Lion King Remastered


Aggrogahu's Channel

  • Is Beat Saber your first rhythm game?
  • What others have you played if it's not?
  • What drew you to Beat Saber?
  • Star Wars fan?
  • Where does Paul Rudd fit in the Star Wars universe?
  • Do you play any other games that aren't rhythm-based?
  • Metroid-Vania, Roguelike, Sabergame, all these aren't standard "genres" of games but they are used to describe them, do you think this is a good enough description?
  • Favorite song to make in Beat Saber?
  • Best performing video?
  • How can fans vote for what song you do next?
  • Do you have a preview or hint of your next video?
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