Ep 125: Could Shantae be the next Smash character!??!

Sad news. Pa Kent from Lois and Clark passes away at age 92. Eddie Jones


Disney to make a live-action follow-up to A Nightmare Before Christmas


J.K. Rowling announced she's releasing 4 new "Harry Potter" stories


Walking Dead came to a surprise end in issue #193, ending the whole series.


Disney's live-action Little Mermaid to star Halle Bailey. The internet went into a storm, or… did it?


A 15-year old girl defeated a pro Smash player, and was then bullied out of the scene.


Netflix adopts an EXTREMELY strict "No Smoking" policy after backlash from Stranger Things season 3


Also, Stranger Things season 3 is amazing.


Final Fantasy XIV now lets you run the newest dungeons…alone.


Pacific Rim anime is coming in 2020 and two season have already been ordered.


The Power Rangers are getting a panel at SDCC!


River City Girls is coming September 5th and it looks rad!


Spiderman: Far From Home PLOT TWIST




Samuel L Jackson and Chris Rock are going to be in the next Saw movie


DRAGON SPRING PHOENIX RISE is a martial arts/supernatural…stage play?


Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark lands a PG-13 rating.


Things Marvel shouldn't do: say Iron Man was a Skrull.


Could Shantae be the next Smash character?


Meeple Corner:

Chinese tariffs almost halted a lot of board games, 25% tariff was cancelled at the last minute


New big box game from Days of Wonder! Deep Blue


Comic Book Corner:


Life size Batman cowl and scowl   bust from 12pm to 3pm PT on July 18th



Image comics is releasing a new comic series called November . Written by Matt fraction ( Hawkeye and sex criminals ) and illustrated by Elsa charreter


New look for legion of super heroes!



The origin story of Phoenix joker doesn’t take anything from the comics. This is just about how a person might become like a person like joker.


Feige clarifies the blip vs the snap


Dc’s event Leviathan has Batman and the red hood working together to find the mystery of the man trying to take Down the world’s spy organizations is a mystery that the fans are meant to be able to solve



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