Ep 123: My Movie News Peter Tingle is Tingling

The final trailer for Far From Home has officially changed Spider Sense to Peter Tingle, and I will forever refer to it as this.

Did the Stranger Things 3 trailer give away too much?

Blumhouse produced remake "The Craft" is still in the works and they may have gotten Cailee Spaeny as lead!

Rim of the World review.

Netflix is losing the Office!

The new Lion King movie may have Elton John competing for an Oscar with...well...Elton John.

Kevin Smith confirms he's finally got a show. It's an IP we're all familiar with, but he's ONLY confirmed that it's not Marvel.

The Current War is all of the yes we wanted. A movie about the war between Tesla, Edison AND Westinghouse.

Space Jam 2 has...unfortunately, started initial filming.

The Boys could be that one show we've been waiting for.

Marvel's Spiderman review.

Scooby Doo and Guess Who on Boomerang has...Jaleel White?! AS URKEL?!

Venom 2 is officially happening.

Sony Still has plans for Black Cat and Silver Sable!

Taika Waititi is going to help Fox/Disney do an animated Flash Gordon movie

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo joined forces and all spoke out against Trumps Tariffs on gaming consoles.

New One Punch Man announced...it looks funny.

Twitch has soft launched a whole new feature, Subscriber-only streams. What do we think?

Feige confirms that Spider-man: Far From Home is the official end to the Infinity Saga. He describes it as showing how Spiderman steps out from Tony's shadow and becomes the true hero he was always meant to be.

James Gunn's Suicide Squad will start filming September 23rd and wrap January 31st in Atlanta, Georgia. He refuses to answer if it’s a sequel or reboot David Dastmalchian (from ant-man and the wasp) joins as the Polka Dot Man.

Comic book Corner
DC Comics has cancelled Vertigo Comics permanently - What does it mean
- DC Zoom Cancelled
- DC Ink Cancelled
- Now only 3 imprints
○ DC Kids from ages 8-12
○ DC will be 13 and up
○ Black Label is for 17 and up
- Makes sense, but what is the secret gossip? The former DC president Diane Nelson created all of these imprints, the new president Pamela Lifford wants the bare minimum of imprints with the most simplistic branding possible. This means that some comics are going to have to either change to Black Label, be cancelled, or be toned down to fit into DC (13 and up).

What was initially thought to be a Fantastic Four/Spiderman crossover after Marvel revealed a "webbed number 4" the next day we learned it was a countdown. What did it count down? JJ Abrams has joined his son, Henry Abrams to make a 5 issue limited series called "Spider-man" with a villain named "Cadaverous"

Savage Avengers Update
• Wolverine can save people with his blood.
• They involve Venom symbiote and Punisher. The basic concept of the series, is that the Hand needs the blood of the most powerful warriors to do something big, that’s the justification behind the series. What could go wrong?

Meeple Mania
Tal Der Wikinger (Valley of the Vikings) has won 2019 Children's Game of the year. You have little boats filled with coins, you knock barrels over, sounds fun and these award winning games often have staying power if you choose to pick it up.
• This will be available before the end of 2019

Jaws. You can play the role of the shark in Jaws the board game. 2-4 players with the shark gaining powers based on how many humans it can eat. Looks cool, plus what could go wrong with eating the characters of the other players?
• Now available at Target.

Starfarer's of Catan. A new edition is coming out, I missed the first edition, the new edition has revised graphics and game materials, it sounds fun.
• Q4 release date

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, can be VERY difficult if you don't do what you're supposed to do.

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