Ep 118: Emperor’s Right Hand

Special Guest, the Emperor's Right Hand, Mal.


Disney now has full control of Hulu. The Infinity Gauntlet is complete.


Detective Pikachu, kinda spoiler-free review


Final Fantasy 7, we were right! Kinda...


Rick and Morty season 4 announced.


All That is returning, first guests are the Jonas Brothers


Bioshock sequel could most likely be coming by no later than May 2020


New Adult Swim series coming called Primal, by Gendy Tartovsky


House of X and Powers of X mark then end of this X-Men comics... which will then be relaunched.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite has a new trailer, which could signal its release is imminent.


Honey, I Shrunk The Kids reboot is coming starring Josh Gad


Star Wars trilogy is to be written by the writers of Game of Thrones. Could this be good or bad?


Michael Rooker might be King Shark in Suicide Squad and Benicio Del Toro might be a villain


Snowpiercer the TV show jumps from TNT to TBS and when was there a TV show?


Reroll is a D&D app coming soon that lets you make a 16-bit avatar of your character.


Mortal Kombat to start filming in South Australia, and it might be directed by James Wan


Jemaine Clement has been cast for the Avatar sequels


Evil Dead to continue without Bruce Campbell…what is Evil Dead without Ash?


E3 to have Netflix, to make some video game announcements.


Gloomhaven to have a digital adaptation, coming to Steam Early Access for Summer.


Thrall is back! Safe Haven trailer showed some, I don't even know what…but he's back!


There were three Snaps in Endgame…each snap released a large amount of Gamma radiation, is this how we get our mutants?


PS4 is getting EA Access and…who cares…it's too late.






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