Ep 117: Disney Gives us a Taste…

The new Spiderman trailer is out and was spoiler heavy. Is Mysterio curve balling us?

The new Disney schedule was announced and has some crazy things on it.
Disney announces that Marvel Studios will announce its own list of Phase 4 releases "AFTER" Spiderman homecoming, just like they've already done.

Bob's Burgers is getting a movie?!

Is Dwayne Johnson the most used actor of our generation?

Jessica Jones final season in its way. This is the last show in the Netflix "Defenders" shows that survived

Blizzard REQUIRES you to have a cell phone to attend Blizzcon. Another oopsie?

The fabled Starbucks cup in GOT caused waves

Beta Ray Bill set to appear in Guardians 3

Bioware shifts to Dragonage 4 leaving Anthem behind

Final Fantasy 7 might have some news announced at the time of publishing. The STATE OF PLAY is set to air Thursday 3 PM PST (Spoiler, news WAS released)

Fox's Gambit officially canceled.

Doctor Strange 2 to have Brother Voodoo and Clea

Batwoman was ordered by CW and the promo teaser actually looks pretty good

Comicbookmovie.com reported that Nova is in production.

Comic Book Corner:

Lion Forge and Oni Press merge together to try and compete with Marvel.

Marvel Comics #1000. Marvel's 80th anniversary issue is putting together this anthology of amazing writers and artists like Taboo from Black Eyed Peas and Jeffrey Veregge, Joe Hill/Mike Allred, Alex Ross, Erik Larsen, and many more.

Meeple Mania:

Kickstarter is 10?!

Bloodborne the Board Game funded. Currently at 2 million+

Devil May Cry, the bloody palace launches on kickstarter May 15th. It will be a competitive scoring system where each hunter tries to gain the most points going through waves of monsters. The miniatures look beautiful.

Eschaton the deck building game has the best Kickstarter page I've seen

The Shame of Life looks like a hilarious party game

Drinks with Frenemies also a good romp. Talked with creator and he's super excited about his game.

Daisie.com should we be on it?

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