Ep 105 - The Vic Mignogna Drama, Aquaman vs Namor, Bright 2 is happening!

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer shows just enough to pique interest.


Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele trailer dropped, and it looks amazing.


The 30 second Endgame spot reveals even more! What is in store now? - How much are lies, and are spoilers ok if some of the spoilers are outright lies?


Disney states that even though they have Deadpool now, it'll still be rated R


Bright 2 gets a production designer, we're on the way boys!


Fox adapting graphic novel series Talent to a show with the same name. They're gender flipping the main character, converting Nicholas to Nicole. The pilot episode is still being penned.


Aquaman and Namor fight in Death Battle - Aquaman VS Namor (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!


Project Alpha by Geek and Sundry. Is this fair?


Harley Quinn is Batman's new sidekick?


Microsoft announced that X-Box Live is headed to iOS, Android, and ... Switch?


Apex Legends, is it the BR we need?


Metro Exodus is being sold STRICTLY through Epic games. Is this the right move? Developers get more money but less people see it.


How do we feel about Vic?


Meeple Corner

Villanous just announced a new stand-alone expansion, Wicket to the Core. This includes Hades, Dr Facilier, and the Evil Queen. This was released too early by an employee at Target who missed the "sell by Date". It will be sold in March.
Munchkin Dungeon was successfully funded, 13 days to go. Munchkin Dungeon


Would you Rather

Results - 50/50 split

New Question - Meme War, Shaggy vs Saitama

Episode 5 - The Vic Mignogna Drama, Aquaman vs Namor, Bright 2 is happening!

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